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The Geophysical Society of Pittsburgh is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the science of geophysics in the Appalachian Basin. We are an official section of the Society of Exploration Geophysics (SEG). Monthly meetings are generally held from September to May on the first Tuesday of each month at various locations around the Greater Pittsburgh area. However, be sure to check the event calendar as exceptions to this rule occur often. All interested parties are encouraged to attend.

Utilizing 2-D and 3-D Near-Surface Geophysics to Generate Improved Surface and Subsurface Geologic Maps

Geological Society of America Session T65:

We would like to bring your attention to Geological Society of America Session T65 (Utilizing 2-D and 3-D Near-Surface Geophysics to Generate Improved Surface and Subsurface Geologic Maps) and encourage you to submit.  Download Details

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May 3 GSP Meeting

Cefalo's Restaurant, Carnegie, PA



A New Three-Dimensional Look at Faulting on Seismic Data
John Castagna and Ismot Jahan

Abstract: Conventional fault attributes, such as coherency and curvature, provide means of observing the spatial distribution of faults on seismic time and horizon slices.  However, they typically do not provide an acceptable fault image in vertical cross-sectional view.  If the fault image is not clear in all three-dimensions, it calls into question the validity of the attribute, and how definitive it is.  For example, it can be readily shown that fault locations observed on coherence attributes are usually slightly misplaced on time slices.  Additionally, “false” faults may appear READ MORE

Biography: John Castagna is the Robert Sheriff Chair in Geophysics at the University of Houston.  He received his Ph. D. from the University of Texas at Austin in 1983.  He has over 30 years of experience in industry and academia.  His major interest is quantitative interpretation of reflection seismic data.

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